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5 ways to improve the Communication in your marriage!

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Nothing ends a marriage like a lack of communication!

We've all been there! Entangled in an argument that has seemed to have started out of nowhere. All it took was something as minor as leaving a dish in the sink, and BOOM y'all are down a long rabbit hole! It turns into a horrible courtroom drama with no moderator.

Did you remember the worst argument you've ever had with your spouse or ex? How did it make you feel? Did yall break up over a petty disagreement? Was it worth it? During arguments, we tend to say things we don't mean. Which is why we gotta keep our cool and remain calm.

Communication can be tricky! On many occasions, we don't say what's really on our minds in fear of hurting our significant other. Because of that one of two things happens, either we let it go (this is rare) or we hold on to it and let it fester. Which 9 out of 10 its the latter.


Holding on to it is never the option! Do you know the ramifications of that action? Holding on and not expressing your feelings only makes it worse in the long run. At the time it might seem small. But with time, the small stuff adds up to a huge problem. Sometimes your partner doesn't have the same basic understandings as you, so being patient is a huge key! Here are 5 ways to improve communication and hopefully this can change how you handle things with your significant lover!

5) Listen without your guard up!

This might be the most difficult of them all! How many of us listen to understand? Truth is most of us are guilty of only listening to respond. Instead of doing the latter, actually, LISTEN! There is no right or wrong when it comes to how your spouse feels. Give your spouse the freedom to voice their opinions without the fear of being cut down. It is easy to want to interrupt him or her and comment with your own thoughts on the topic being discussed, DON'T! Listening with the hopes of coming to an understanding is so valuable and vital to any marriage!

Everyone wants to be heard! Not just women, but men as well want to be heard. Everyone wants to feel like their issues and points are important to you as well. When your spouse is voicing their issues, try this:

1) Stop doing anything that you're doing (PUT THAT PHONE DOWN)

2) Look your spouse in the eyes!

3) Listen to the words that are coming out of their mouths!

4) Acknowledge what was said!

5) Apologize!

Just this part alone can improve your marriage tremendously! From the first time you apply this, you'll instantly see an improvement in chemistry y'all will gain😁!


"Is there anything I can do to improve us"? This should be a question that is asked at least once every 3 months. It is so important to address the negative clouds that are hovering over your marriage from time to time. The more ask your spouse these questions, the more you get to know and understand how they act and react to every situation.

Now you've asked, watch how you react. Remember you need to listen to understand. The answers you may get may upset you. However, you can't have a weak heart when it comes to marriage. So when you ask this question immediately GET OUT OF YOUR FEELINGS AND LISTEN!

At times we don't know the questions to ask our spouses to improve communication. Here are some questions that you can ask your spouse:

1) How Can I Make You Feel Loved?

2) Can You Help Me Understand What's Bothering You?

3) What Are You Most Passionate About?

4) What Can I Do To Make It Up To You?

5) What Can I Do To Support You?

You'll be surprised how significant that will be to your significant other!

3) Enforce Positive Feelings!

Admit it, it is so easy to give negative feedback. In marriage, we easily forget about the positive things about our spouse as soon as something negative happens. As soon as a mess-up happens some are quick to throw out insults! Hey, you need to stop and take a deep breath!

Understand that positive compliments go a long way. As quick as you are to insult or throw out negative feedback, try starting off with a compliment. Try starting off acknowledging the positives they bring into your life. Studies have shown and proven that people respond better to your feedback when a compliment leads the conversation.